Common Questions

+ How can i find out what type of construction or work is being done on my block?

You can use this website to find out about construction on your block. If you can’t find it on this map, please feel free to reach out to office at 773-868-4747, and we can follow up about your specific request.

+ how do i get the pothole in my alley or street fixed?

You can report a pothole to the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) using the 311 website. If you believe the entire street or alley needs re-paved, you can fill out this form to submit the request for the Alderman’s menu funds. Our staff is on-hand during regular business hours to assist neighbors who need help with placing 311 requests. If you need help placing your 311 request for your street or alley, you can reach our office at 773-868-4747.

+ how do i get a residential parking permit or sticker?

Most residential parking permits are issued through the City Clerk’s office. They have two nearby locations - one downtown and one in Jefferson Park. You can use this map to determine which parking zone you live in. If you live very close to a residential parking zone, you can request a letter of exception from the Alderman’s office. These letters are given in a limited number of cases, and you must meet these requirements:

  • You previously received a letter of exception from the Alderman’s office at your current address that is on file.
  • OR you live within four lots of the residential parking zone you are requesting AND you do not live in a designated transit oriented development.
  • Special considerations will be made for seniors and those with limited mobility.

Please give our office at least 2 business days notice if you are requesting a letter of exception. Our office cannot guarantee that we can provide letters immediately to those in line at the City Clerk’s office.

If you live in the Cubs LV2 parking zone, you can receive stickers and guest permits at our office. If you are requesting a sticker, please be sure to bring your proof of address, city sticker number, and license plate number. If you are requesting a guest permit, please be sure to bring proof of address. You can read more about the Cubs parking zone here.

+ How can I get the tree trimmed in my parkway?

If the tree in your parkway needs to be trimmed, you can place a 311 request for a tree trim. If you need help placing your 311 request for your street, you can reach our office at 773-868-4747. Please note that the city cannot trim trees located on private property.

Because of the large volume of requests and the limited season during which Forestry can complete requests, these requests take at least 40-50 days. If your request has been outstanding for more than 6 months, feel free to follow up with our office and we'll be happy to check-in on the status of your request.

+ There's water on my street. What can I do?

To prevent basement flooding, the City has placed restricter plates on many sewer grates. This ensures that the sewer system does not overflow and as a result, flood private properties. Instead, it keeps water on the street until the system is able to drain more water. Due to increased rainfall, many residents are noticing water on their streets more frequently. You can help decrease the amount of water on the street by using these tips on rainy days. You can also get involved in our Green Council to help place more green spaces near frequently flooding areas to help absorb water.

If the water on your street does not drain, you can place a 311 request for a sewer cleaning inspection. If you need help placing your 311 request for your street, you can reach our office at 773-868-4747.

+ The light is out on my street or in my alley. How can i get it fixed?

If a light is out on your street or in your alley, you can submit a request to replace it on 311 here. If you would like our office to assist you with entering your 311 request, you can call us at 773-868-4747. The City is in the process of replacing all of our streetlights with new, smart LED lights. These lights will allow the Chicago Department of Transportation to detect which lights are out automatically, which will eliminate the need to report lights out in the near future.

+ I need a new garbage or recycling bin. How do i get one?

Neighbors who receive trash pick-up through the city can request up to two garbage bins, and one recycling bin. Businesses are not eligible for city trash pickup, and in many cases, those living in large apartment or condo buildings do not receive city pick-up. If you do receive city pick-up, you can submit a 311 request for a garbage can maintenance or for a new blue bin. If you would like our office to assist you with entering your 311 request, you can call us at 773-868-4747.

+ A garbage truck keeps waking me up. How do i get it to stop picking up before 7 aM?

The Chicago Noise ordinance prohibits trucks from picking up trash before 7 AM. In many cases, those companies violating the ordinance are private contractors. While we recommend that you call 911 to seek enforcement of the noise ordinance, you can submit a complaint for persistent early pick-up to our office here using the type of request "Noise Complaint - Other."

+ I am concerned with traffic on my street. How can we make it more friendly for pedestrians?

Our office is committed to ensuring our streets are safe for bicylists, pedestrians, and our children. If you want to request a new street sign, changing a speed limit, new street paint, bump outs, or other traffic calming measures, we recommend that you submit your request here. Select "Pedestrian Safety Improvement - Other" for your type of request. We will set aside additional menu funds for pedestrian improvements every year. Since funds are limited, our community Transportation Committee will prepare a narrowed list of projects, and will ask neighbors to vote on potential projects every year.

If you are looking to replace an existing street sign, you can submit a 311 request here.

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