Garage Sales

Any resident planning to hold a garage, yard or apartment sale is required to apply for a permit. Permits are free. You may hold up to two sales per calendar year unless a third sale is needed due to a permanent move from your residence. If you live a multi-unit building please coordinate with your neighbors.

Sales cannot be held for longer than three consecutive days and must occur between 9:00 a.m. and sunset. In case of rain, the permit can be reissued for a later date. If more than one household is joining in a single sale, each household needs its own permit even if the sale is at the address of only one participating household.

Signs advertising the sale may only be posted on the property where the sale is taking place or other private property with permission. Violators face fines for posting advertisement on City property like parkway trees, light poles and park fences.

Filing for a Permit

You can give us your completed application with ID and proof of residence by coming to our office at 4243 N. Lincoln Avenue, faxing these documents to 773-549-4757 or emailing them to Michael at

Click here to download the application.