Ordinances and Resolutions

Learn about the ordinances the Alderman is currently sponsoring or co-sponsoring. Check back for explanations on major votes.

Workers, Economy, and budget

  • Chicago Fair Workweek - Co-Sponsor - Passed: This ordinance protects employees against unpredictable work hours that make it difficult to plan for child care, go to school, work a second job, or have confidence that their paychecks will cover their bills.

  • Minimum Wage (Fight for $15) - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance would raise Chicago’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2021 - expediting the increase that General Assembly requires by 2025. It would also end the discriminatory sub-minimum wage for tipped workers.

  • Obama Center CBA - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance protects neighbors of the new Obama presidential library by requiring the creation of a community benefits agreement (CBA), which will help ensure affordable housing and job training.

  • TIF Surplus - Lead Sponsor: This ordinance would divert hundreds of millions of dollars from TIF funds and put them back into our communities and help fill our large budget gap.

Housing and Affordability

  • Homes for All - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance will improve our public housing system and make CHA more transparent and accountable.

  • Development for All - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance increases the affordability requirements in large, new developments.

  • Bring Chicago Home - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance would raise the real estate transaction tax on big, downtown properties and provide additional funding for services for people experiencing homelessness.

  • Hearing on Property Taxes - Co-Sponsor: Resolution requesting that Cook County Assessor Kaegi attend a special meeting of the City Council’s Committee on Finance to discuss his office’s assessment formula and model.

  • Preventing Predatory Tactics in Real Estate - Co-Sponsor: Ordinance prohibiting residential real estate developers from utilizing predatory tactics to persuade or pressure homeowners to sell their property.

  • Senior Housing Bill of Rights - Lead Sponsor: This ordinance protects seniors living in large housing facilities by allowing them to age in place and not be pushed unnecessarily into nursing homes, which can be economically burdensome.


  • “Save the Trees” - Co-Sponsor: This order will prevent mature trees from being removed for water main projects.

  • ComEd Contract Feasibility Study - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance calls for a feasibility study to be completed while we re-negotiate our contract with ComEd to make sure we are getting the best deal possible in terms of rates and renewable energy.

  • Ban Single Use Styrofoam - Lead Sponsor: This ordinance will put us more in line with New York City and Los Angeles by banning single use Styrofoam containers and instead looking at more environmentally friendly materials.

Public safety and police accountability

  • Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC) - Co-Sponsor: CPAC would replace the existing Chicago Police Board and Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) with a fully-elected body that seeks to oversee the police department. This would fulfill the Police Accountability Task Force’s recommendation to establish public oversight of CPD.

  • Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (GAPA) - Co-Sponsor: GAPA would establish an elected oversight board to oversee the police department. This would fulfill the Police Accountability Task Force’s recommendation to establish public oversight of CPD.

  • Gang Database - Lead Sponsor: Earlier this year, Chicago’s Inspector General found that CPD has for years been collecting and sharing information about thousands of Chicagoans’ alleged ties to street gangs, without adequate attention to due process and to the need to repair a fractured relationship with the public. This resolution calls for a diminished use of the database and changes to data collection and use.

  • Public Safety Hearing on Overtime, Background Checks, and CRED/READI - Lead Sponsor: This resolution calls for a hearing on an Inspector General’s report on the misuse of police overtime, as well as illicit background checks on members of the public who speak at Police Board meetings. It also calls for a hearing on CRED/READI - two gun-violence prevention programs.


  • Amendment to the Ethics Ordinance - Lead Sponsor - Passed: This ordinance amends the City’s ethics ordinance by adding restrictions on aldermen who have secondary employment, like property tax attorneys, and increasing the fines for those who violate the ethics ordinance.


  • Strengthening the Welcoming City Ordinance - Co-Sponsor: This ordinance would remove a number of carveouts in our existing Welcoming City Ordinance and protect our immigrant neighbors.

Reproductive Justice, Sexual Harassment, and Gender equity

  • Resolution to Call for General Assembly to Pass “Illinois Reproductive Health Act”: This resolution called on the Illinois General Assembly to pass the Illinois Reproductive Health Act - which strengthened the right to choose and repealed out-dated laws, including ending a requirement for consent for married women who seek abortions and ending waiting periods. This bill ultimately passed the Illinois General Assembly and was signed by Governor Pritzker.

  • Resolution to Call for Hearings on City Policies to Prevent and End Sexual Harassment Among City Employees: This resolution calls for City Hall to hold hearings on current sexual harassment policies to ensure that we prevent and appropriately address instances of sexual harassment by and among city officials and employees.


  • Liquor ordinance amendment - Lead Sponsor: This ordinance lessens restrictions on large grocery stores that sell alcohol on Sundays by lowering a square footage regulation. In the 47th ward, this would allow Gene’s Sausage Shop to extend the hours during which they sell alcohol on Sundays.