Safety Updates

While crime in the 47th ward tends to be lower than in most parts of the city, we have a share of burglaries and thefts. Please check-in here for updates on major incidents in or near the ward.

4600 N Leavitt 6.14.19

On Friday evening (June, 14, 2019), a man was shot in the shoulder while driving on the 4600 block of Leavitt. This is believed to be a gang-related incident. We continue to monitor this situation and are in communication the 19th Police District.

Lane Tech Carnival 5.25.19

On May 25, 2019, residents reported disturbances related to the Lane Tech Memorial Weekend Carnival. Two individuals were arrested on Saturday in relation to fireworks that were set off at the carnival. There were no reports of injuries. Additional officers were dispatched to the carnival, and the officers made the decision to shutdown the carnival early to prevent further disturbance. We are continuing to work with the 19th police district to monitor this situation, and will work with them as we consider future plans for the carnival.