Arts and Culture

Community art and cultural connection are vital to our community’s health, happiness, and economy, while being a catalyst for strengthening ties across neighborhood lines and disparate backgrounds. Alderman Martin’s office is dedicated to being a strong advocate and enthusiastic resource for art and culture in the 47th ward.


OpenWall is a volunteer-led arts advocacy group that supports the artistic community of the 47th Ward through multimedia arts programming and partnerships, with a home base in the Alderman's Office. OpenWall's landmark program is a rotating exhibit on our office walls comprised of art from emerging and established artists from the Ward, with accompanying events hosted by the Alderman's office featuring local performers. OpenWall also seeks collaborations with schools and community organizations from the Ward. We're excited to make the Ward Office a vibrant reflection of our community's voice and a welcoming space for our neighbors! For questions, reach out to Bindu at

Have an upcoming arts and culture event in the ward that you would like included in our newsletter or calendar?

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