Our office works to serve the interests of all of our communities. We are guided by the following values:

  • Transparency and Accountability: Our office works hand-in-hand with the communities of the 47th Ward. We make information about new developments and our decision-making processes publicly available on our website.

  • Efficiency: We work to find ways to simplify processes, and we are using technology to expand our capacity and to build a better ward office.

  • Proactiveness and Responsiveness: We actively follow-up on service requests, anticipate problems when possible, and work to address systems - not only symptoms.

  • Environmentalism: We prioritize projects that build a more sustainable community and address climate change. We are working to reduce our emissions, create more green spaces, and build a green economy.

  • Community building: We ensure decision-making bodies are representative of the diversity of our neighbors, work to ensure that all residents have a voice in the decisions that impact us, and bring residents together to accomplish our shared goals.

  • Equity: We are committed to building an office and a government in which all residents can find an advocate, regardless of socioeconomic status, language, race, religion, sexuality, immigration status, or other status.