Residential Parking

For questions concerning residential parking permits, please reach out to Michael at

+ City Vehicle Stickers

All residents of Chicago who own or use a vehicle are required to display a valid city sticker on their windshield’s passenger-side corner, regardless of where the vehicle is registered. New residents and those who recently purchased a vehicle have thirty days to purchase a sticker and avoid the late fee. City stickers must be renewed annually. To renew, you must show proof of address, and your vehicle registration ID card or courtesy reminder when purchasing a sticker in person.

For pricing and senior discounts, click here. City stickers expire at the end of the month listed on them. You can purchase a City Sticker (and guest passes for residential permit parking) at one of the following locations:

  • Online
  • City Clerk: City Hall Office – 121 N LaSalle St, Room 107 (Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM)
  • City Clerk: North Side Satellite Office – 5430 W Gale St (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM)

You can also purchase a City Sticker (but no guest passes) at the following locations:

For State of Illinois vehicle registration requirements, please click here.

+ Residential Parking Permits

You can look up your parking zone here or use the map below to find your zone. Residents on permit zoned streets are eligible to purchase the $25 yearly parking permits at part of their city sticker. However, the alderman’s office grants exception letters to residents who live on blocks perpendicular to and touching any zoned parking streets. Residential parking permits can be purchased at these two City Clerk of Chicago locations. Remember to bring proof of residency:

  • 121 N. LaSalle Street, City Hall Room 107, 312-742-5375, hours: M-F 8AM-5PM
  • 5430 W. Gale Street, 312-742-5375, hours: M-F 9AM-5PM

If you are seeking a change to your parking zone, please read the process here.

+ LV2 Night Parking Permits (Cubs Cames)

LV2 parking passes for Cubs baseball night games, including the post season, and events like concerts are provided FREE of charge for residents and businesses in the LV2 area.

Note that “night games and events” are defined as those scheduled to start at 4:10PM or later. Check for any changes and additions to the schedule of games and events at

LV2 passes were mailed on March 21 (look for an envelope from the Department of Finance) and also are available at our office. Pick up at the 47th Ward Office is available Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM. We are located at 4243 N Lincoln Ave.

Please bring:

  • Proof of Residence
  • Your Chicago City Sticker Number
  • Your license plate number

Requirements for businesses in the LV2 Zone Businesses located within the LV2 area are eligible to receive Permanent Guest Passes and/or Daily Guest Passes. To apply, the business owner or manager must email a request on company letterhead that lists each employee’s name, the make & model of the vehicle, and the license plate number. Then you will get a reply to come pick up a packet of the passes at the 47th Ward Office. A copy of a valid lease or business license can also be provided to fulfill the proof of address requirement. If your business would like to request Daily Guest Passes, you must explain the reasoning and how many you are requesting; use the schedule of night games and events as a basis for estimating the number of passes you’re requesting. If any decal stickers are requested for employees, you must provide the City Sticker number and confirm that the parking zone space on the sticker says “NONE.”

+ No Parking Signs for Moving Vans

For residents moving in or out, our office provide non-enforceable “courtesy” no-parking moving signs which may be picked up at our office (M-F 9 AM-5 PM) for no charge. The date and hours of the move would be written on the these paper signs and then the resident would post them using string or, in the event of rain, plastic wrap on nearby trees and light poles adjacent to the street section where the moving truck/van would be parked for loading & unloading. These moving signs should be posted 48 to 72 hours prior to the moving date.

For enforceable signs, moving companies can have TOW ZONE no-parking moving signs posted by the Chicago Department of Transportation. The application process is handled online at here. Note the application should be made far enough ahead of the moving date to allow the City to post the signs a few days prior to the moving date. For additional instruction, please read this document or contact CDOT permit office at 312-744-4652.

+ Disabled Parking Signs

Residential disabled parking was established to provide disabled City of Chicago residents with convenient and accessible parking in front of their residences through the installation of parking signs. Applications are available at the 47th Ward office. Note that applicants are required to have a disabled placard or license plate (from the Illinois Secretary of State) and no access to off-street parking at their home.

You may return the disabled sign application to the 47th Ward office or mail it in to the Chicago Department of Finance. When submitting an application, please include a copy of your disabled placard or plate, proof of residency and a $70.00 check or money order made out to the “City of Chicago Department of Finance.” For more information on this program, please click here.

+ Abandoned vehicles

If you believe a car or vehicle is abandoned (e.g. has not moved in over 10 days), first contact your neighbors as they might know who it belongs to. If no one knows who owns the vehicle, and you believe it to be abandoned, then you can call 911. Be prepared to give them the following information on the vehicle:

  • exact address where it is located
  • make (brand)
  • model
  • color
  • license plate number, noting if the sticker is expired
  • Chicago vehicle/city sticker if displayed, noting if it is expired
  • Dangerous conditions such as broken window, flat tire, damaged body

If your vehicle is missing from the street, you can check to see if it was towed or relocated by the City of Chicago through this link. If you feel your vehicle was stolen, call 311 to file a police report.

From December 1 to April 1 certain arterial streets in Chicago have additional types of parking restrictions related to snow fall. One pertains to times when there is 2 inches or more of snow on the street and the other restricts overnight parking (3AM to 7AM), regardless of snowfall.

In the 47th Ward, the 2-inch snow ban applies to these arterial streets:

  • Lincoln Avenue
  • Western Avenue
  • Damen Avenue
  • Ashland Avenue
  • Clark Street
  • Lawrence Avenue
  • Montrose Avenue
  • Irving Park Road
  • Addison Avenue
  • Belmont Avenue
  • Foster Avenue (also has overnight ban west of Clark Street)

+ city parking restrictions - Large vehicles

You can review more city parking restrictions here.